Water Damage Prevention Guide For Homeowners in Columbia, Ellicott City and Clarksville, Maryland

Seasoned homeowners in Howard County – specifically in Ellicott City, Clarksville and Columbia, know that Maryland weather can be quite unpredictable and vicious. Hurricane seasoned which runs from summer into fall sometimes dumps inches of rain in a short period of time, along with damaging winds. Remember the recent, disastrous flooding in Ellicott City? During extreme weather events, it is common for major water damage and storm damage to occur due to factors that are out of the homeowner’s control.

However, there are preventative measures to take that have been proven to reduce water damage to homes in Howard County, and even prevent it outright. Here are some tips for water damage prevention in your Maryland home.

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5 Easy Ways To Prevent Water Damage In Your Home:

  • Fluctuations in your water bill: Ready to play detective? If your home water bill increases or decreases drastically from month to month, while your water consumption has not changed much, there could be an underlying issue, like a water leak somewhere.


  • Upgrade washing machine hoses: Replacing old, brittle washing machine hoses is a proactive approach to preventing costly water damage, especially in older and historic homes, like those in downtown Ellicott City.


  • Address leaks immediately: This is imperative for preventing not only water damage, but mold and mildew as well. Remember, home insurance usually covers unpredictable, quick water damage, not water damage due to poor maintenance practices. Plus, mold and mildew are unhealthy for your family, and can be costly to address.


  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean: Water flow from your home’s roof must be efficient, in order to prevent roof flooding and water damage. Prevent this by cleaning gutters and downspouts at least twice a year and ensuring they are debris-free. It is much more affordable to invest in cleaning gutters and downspouts than to pay for water damage due to a damaged roof or standing water.


  • Install a home water detection device: There are some great home water detection devices on the market that can sense moisture and slow leaks. If your home is prone to leaks, such as historic homes in the area, this could be a great investment.

As we stated earlier, some water damage can be prevented – and from what the MD Flood Restoration team has seen, the aforementioned recommendations are great ways to protect your home. However, if your home is in need of emergency water damage services, and you are located in Howard County, give our team a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are headquartered in Ellicott City, and are there when you need us.


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