Is it possible to dry hardwood floors, or can I replace them?

If your Ellicott City home or townhome has recently been exposed to water damage from flash flooding, storm damage or pipes bursting, the hardwood floors could have suffered. The good news is that hardwood floors do not always have to be replaced if you get help immediately. However, it will depend on how long the water was sitting on the hardwood floors, and how much water damage was involved. Historically, Ellicott City has been susceptible to flash flooding from storms and heavy rain, and many of the homes new and old, have hardwood floors.

When it comes to water damage with hardwood floors for your home, most mitigation companies will tell you that there is no way to restore the floor, and that the only option is to remove the damaged/affected boards. However, what they often don’t tell homeowners in Ellicott City (or they aren’t aware themselves), is that often this damage can be mitigated using proper techniques to dry both the flooring and subfloor, allowing the boards to return to their original condition. In many cases the floors don’t even have to be re-finished or re-screened.

When the situation allows, this restoration process for wood flooring requires both special equipment and special techniques. At Maryland Flood Restoration, we routinely provide this service for our customers, thus preventing the need for unnecessary repairs and the inconvenience that comes along with them. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help restore your hardwood floors.

If your Maryland home has water damaged hardwood floors, contact us for 24/7 help!

Water Damaged Hardwood Floor Restoration