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Below are answers to popular questions that we are typically asked. If you have a question and can’t find the answer below, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What is Water Mitigation?

Water Mitigation or Water Remediation is a process of reactive measures in response to water damage to home and property. The main goals are to ensure that current water damages do not worsen and to prevent further damages to both structures and personal property. This is usually accomplished through both physical extraction of water and water-damaged materials as well as through the use of commercial specialty drying equipment.

Do you assist in fire-damage clean-up?

If a fire in your home has resulted in water and smoke damage to your property, we are available to assist in the clean-up.

Are you certified for mold damage remediation?

Yes, we are certified for mitigation and containment of mold damage.

When should I contact you?

Immediately. The most common mistake homeowners make is to allow for time to pass when discovering water damages. Generally, the sooner the issue is addressed, the lower the cost of repairs and damage. We also suggest that you contact your insurance company immediately as well.

Is my damage covered by homeowner’s insurance?

Every situation is unique, but you must contact your insurance carrier to verify coverage. A large portion of water related claims are frequently covered by homeowner’s insurance companies and we strongly suggest their involvement.

What other steps should I take before Water Mitigation?

Identify and, if possible, stop the source of the water. This can often be done by shutting off valves but may necessitate calling a plumber in more serious cases. If safe to do so, move any valuable or important personal objects from the area of water damage.

Will you assist the homeowner’s insurance process?

Yes, we will work with your homeowner’s insurance. In fact, most carriers encourage water remediation for applicable situations as homeowners are expected to prevent further damages to their home and property. Since every situation is unique, we will work directly with your carrier and their protocols.

What information do I need to provide?

The fist step is providing basic contact information and any available details regarding the cause of the damages. Additional information such as insurance carrier, adjuster information, and claim number are helpful initially, but not required. In order for work to the home to proceed, the owner of the property (or legal representative) must be available to review contracts and sign applicable documentation.

What is the typical turnaround time for emergency service?

We can often have a crew to your location within hours of contact. Special situations may require up to 24hrs. In the rare event that we do not have the ability to immediately respond due to scheduling and call volume, we are happy to assist by recommending other reputable vendors in your area.

What certifications do you have?

In addition to standard Maryland Home Improvement Contractor Licensing, Maryland Flood Restoration, LLC is an IICRC certified and insured business. IICRC certifications are specific and required for situations requiring the emergency removal of water, mold, smoke, and sewage just to name a few.

How much will it cost to repair water damage or flooding in my home?

Since every situation is unique, pricing is based on a detailed process that accounts for all necessary work that is completed. We use the estimate writing software Xactimate which utilizes the current labor and material costs which is based on your zip code for the applicable work completed to ensure that the fair and reasonable cost is being applied. Most insurance companies utilize Xactimate as well and require it for vendors that they work directly with in order to streamline the process and come to an agreed upon price.

What counties do you provide service for?

We provide emergency flood restoration services including water damage, storm damage, fire damage and water-soaked hardwood floor damage throughout Maryland. However, since we are an Ellicott City based company, we service Howard County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City most often.



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